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Human Rights Implementation

Our approach to implementing international norms on a national level builds on country knowledge, comparative law, and inclusion of our social science expertise. IRHRI has extensive practical experience from analytical and operational initiatives related to the protection and promotion of human rights, with an emphasis on work in countries across Southern, Central, East and the Horn of Africa, especially in Great lakes Region.

The team has also been involved in policy and advocacy work at regional and international level, together with local human rights defenders or the respective diasporas. Particular areas of specialist expertise includes protection of the rights of women and girls, minorities, freedom of religion or belief, and civil and political rights. and rights of LGBT Communities.

The Human Rights Law

IRHRI staff have extensive knowledge in the field of national as well as international human rights law through practical experience as well as academic work including publications and teaching. IRHRI expertise covers the whole range of human rights law, from civil and political rights to economic, social, and cultural rights, including rights of women, children, minorities and indigenous peoples.
IRHRI staff have extensive experience and knowledge of key universal human rights instruments in addition to regional instruments under the African Union, the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and the ASEAN.
IRHRI staff have expertise with regard to the norms and the various implementation and monitoring mechanisms. IRHRI combines this expertise in human rights law with knowledge of democratization and the rule of law in developing sustainable and long-term solutions. IRHRI moreover has expertise with regard to human rights and business, including anti-corruption.