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Other Service Providers That May Be Able to Help

International Relief & Human Rights Initiative offers expert legal advice on matters of international and national law, as well as the interface between the two. IRHRI’s experience covers a broad range of areas, including public international law, human rights law, humanitarian law (the law of armed conflict), treaty law, constitutional law, administrative law and criminal law. IRHRI has provided legal advice on matters such as anti-terror and terror-financing legislation, anti-corruption law, and responsible business conduct (corporate social responsibility).
IRHRI’s expertise extends to law making processes, enforcement requirements, and implementation and monitoring mechanisms as well as international courts and tribunals.
IRHRI can provide brief or in-depth legal opinions and advice, or more extensive process support based on broad comparative experience in developing legal frameworks. Among our clients are government entities, corporations, law firms, as well as national and international institutions and organizations.

IRHRI takes advantage of in-house Geographical, Political, Social and Developmental expertise in analysis of legal issues, and vice versa.

International Relief & Human Rights Initiative is offering Legal Advocacy for all matters of Immigration and Immigration policies. We are giving a Legal Aid for US Citizens with Low income who may not afford their Attorneys because of their income situation.
The IRHRI conducts different activities in Spokane Community geared towards standardizing Activities in different areas in the United States.
IRHRI has extensive expertise in gender issues and women’s rights, equal participation, women, peace and security, and economic empowerment. Our team uses mixed methods and multidisciplinary approaches to gender-related issues. We deliver gender mainstreaming, research, policy advice, consultancy services, evaluations, and recommendations for implementation on gender issues. Currently our program is focused on these six broad issues: in order us to achieve our Goals in this long process we do have cooperation Catholic Charities of Spokane and World Relief Agency and other Private Attorneys and Universities to support our Program.

IRHRI works with vulnerable and often marginalized groups of people facing all forms of
injustice and living in socio-economic and political exclusion to claim justice and realize their
rights. IRHRI therefore works with human rights defenders and communities affected by all
forms of injustices. In all our works, women, youth and children rights take centre stage as our
primary target groups of beneficiaries because we consider them as the most vulnerable people to
any form of injustices.

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