Interview At IRHRI

What To Bring To Your Interview At IRHRI

If you are invited for an intake interview at IRHRI, please bring any and all documents that might be relevant to your immigration case including the following:
  • Identity documents (i.e. your passport, birth certificate, student identification card, household registry, national identity card, or political party membership card.)
  • Identity documents of family members who travelled to the United States with you
  • Marriage certificate and birth certificates for children, if any
  • Academic records (i.e. school records, certificates, and diplomas)
  • Medical records from hospitalization or treatment due to mistreatment in home country
  • Jail or court records
  • Any draft asylum applications or affidavits that you may have created
  • Any document that has been filed with any part of our government
  • Any other documents that you think might be relevant
Please note that we do not expect potential clients to have all of these documents.  If you were not able to bring these documents with you when you fled your home country, that is fine and we can discuss documenting your claim with you.