International Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI) is a United States based Non-
Governmental Organization, established and registered in 2014 under UBI Number 603-609-734 under the Washington non-profit Corporation Act, Revised Code of Washington Chapter 24.03; with Head Offices in Spokane, Washington.

It already has programs in East Africa and the entire
Great Lakes Region. It is fully operationalizing in Uganda under registration number
INTR142201584NB with offices in Kigowa-Ntinda, Kampala.

Its regional offices are in Nairobi, Kenya.

IRHRI brocure

IRHRI was formed by a group of Human Rights and Social Development activists in
Spokane, Washington, in response to critical socio-economic and political challenges in Africa
and of particular interest in the Eastern and Central Africa considering the human insecurity in
these regions. At the heart of the organization’s pursuit is the quest for sustainable inclusive
approaches to deepening democracy and access to justice in order to ensure that every citizen
lives a life of dignity.

The resultant strategic program intervention of IRHRI in all its countries of operation should
contribute to a Free and Just World, Respect of Human Rights, Sustainable Peace, Stability,
Democracy and Justice for all, Research for Evidence-based Advocacy and Policy Change, and
Free Legal and Humanitarian Aid for the voiceless while championing equal job opportunities.

In its aspirations and work, IRHRI compliments efforts of the governments to mobilize political
and socio-economic resources for sustainable and poverty free populace. IRHRI aspires to use
human rights based development approaches to expand the role and influence of vulnerable and
poor people as rights holders; in particular women and children in rural and semi-urban areas who live in extreme poverty, unending conflicts and suffering all forms of injustice.

To this end, IRHRI strongly believes that today’s most vulnerable and marginalized groups
particularly women and children have the potential to deliver a significant contribution to the
society and can champion socio-economic and political growth and eradication of poverty in
Africa, to be part of a free world as responsible citizens. IRHRI thus engages with decision
makers at community, national, regional and international levels for inclusive development to
effectively harness people’s socio-economic and political potential.